Fluffy Ear Hanger

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出門時找不到小毛孩的配備嗎? 耳耳勾是個恰到好處的幫手。 創意來自毛小孩的雙耳。 雙耳勾的設計,一邊可以是掛繩,另一邊掛上出門用的毛孩配備包。 當然也可以安裝在房間裏,陪伴您的日常生活。


Always losing your mind over the search for your dog's accessories when you are just about to head out?

Fluffy Ear Hanger is a truly helpful pal in this regard. With the two-ear design, one side could be used for hanging the dog's leash, and the other side could conveniently hang the dog's necessity kit.

Needless to say, you may use it for your own room, brightening up your everyday life.

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