​Bowl Stand - Meteor

from USD $79

Customized Service:  Bowl Surface Tilting

Material: Beech

Height: Small:15cm / xSmall: 8cm

Bowl Capacity: 275ml

For medium to small -sized pets.  ex. dachshund, chihuahua, poodle.

Each package contains 2 ceramic bowls

Bowl Stand - Meteor

Shape as a meteor shooting across the sky with the deep tailing and coming to the earth, bowl stand Meteor brought delicious meals for the pets.

Bowl rack made of nature solid wood, suitable for small and medium-sized dogs and cats. With minimum height of 8 cm, an optional tilted bowl setting can be customized.

Small Portion, Great Satisfaction

Bowl capacity of 275ml; bowl width 12cm; bowl depth 4cm.

Porcelain bowl suitable for heating raw and fresh food.

Different Heights with Different Racks

Two preset heights of 8cm and 15cm, which are suitable for petite pets.

Customized Tilted Bowl

  • With the appropriate height and tilted bowl, the pets can eat with less pressure and more easily.

  • When customizing tilted bowl mouth, the difference between the highest and lowest parts of bowl mouth is 3cm.

Great stability with 4-leg support and silicon floor protectors

The silicon floor protectors provide greater friction on smooth surfaces.

Water-Resistant Non-Toxic Water-Based Paint

Multiple layers of water-resistant protective coating on the surface of Big Bowl with non-toxic water-based paint allowing furry friends to eat safely.


The water-resistant surface prevents moisture on bowl rack from water splashes.


Every package of Meteor includes two ceramic bowls and 4 floor protectors.


Let's find the right height for our pets.

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