Pet bed - Joey Sofa 

from USD$350


Ivory White / Dove Gray / Navy Blue



Solid wood Beech, Cotton.


Size & Weight

L:76cm/30in   W: 56cm/22in  H: 48cm/19in



Suitable for Medium and small size dogs or cats

ex. Shiba Inu, Beagle, Pug, French Bulldog, Dachshund, similar or smaller size pets.  (detail size chart please refer to the bottom part of this page)



2017 Red Dot Design Award, Germany

Have you ever tried searching everywhere for your pets in vain, and finally spotting them under your bed, table or chair? pets were born to live in caves. It is no wonder that they feel calmer and more comfortable where they are semi-secluded from the outside world, while looking at the outside space like an onlooker. 


This is why we designed the Joey sofa --It is our belief that it is important to give the pets a place to hide whenever they want to, without resorting to dusty places such as under the bed or table--where they might get accidentally stepped on by busy feet. If you prefer, you may also move the Joey sofa to the living room, so your furry friends can rest right next to the sofa and join your everyday activities. 

《Stable and durable wooden stand -- hold the weight of any naughty pets. 》


Made in Taiwan, and it is cut and carved out from a whole piece of European Beech wood three centimeter thick. Comparing to other wooden material, beech wood has a higher density and hardness, which makes it especially suitable for producing pet’ furniture.


We have studied the handmade technique for manufacturing the most sturdy wooden chair, and we infused a sense of modernity to its structure and design. At last, we rolled on the clear protective seal to safeguard it against humidity. The rubber footstand is also anti-slip, waterproof and scratch-proof.

Anti-sway / Load-bearing Structure

Two types of cover clothes available -- Semi-Cover and Full-Cover, made with rugged canvas


After assembling the wooden rack, simply insert the canvas clothes onto the wooden rack to complete the installation.


We have customized the thickness and weaving method of the canvas clothes--which is the main material of the cover clothes--to best meet the needs of pets. It is crucial that the cover clothes is tender enough to fit the shape of pets, yet also durable enough to resist naughty pets’ scratching and swinging, and of course, all the cleaning, washing, removal and replacement. 

Semi-Cover Cloth

Like a star-gazing house, the half-cover cloth provides wide vision and good ventilation. This allows our pet friends to keep their focus on their family all the time. 

《The Design of the Cover Cloth - Embracing both Practicality and Comfort》

The Joey sofa is designed so that our furry pals can come and go smoothly. The Joey sofa comes with a comfy, cuddle arc, so our furry pals can get a feel of being cuddled in the air as they lie down. After countless trials and errors, we finally found the perfect balance point, and accomplished the following features:

The cover cloth hangs in the air with its angle slightly bent, so the body of the furry pals can be naturally settled in the nest.

 Appropriate height and tightness of the cover cloth allow our furry pals to enter and exit with ease.

The arc of the cloth makes the furry pals feel like they are being hugged, which will definitely make them happy.

《Firmly seamed and completed with double reinforcement at the intersection,
the Cover Cloth is durable and able to withstand heavy weight 》


In order to endure long-term usage by the furry pals, in additional to the material that we use, the sewing method is also important for us. We have added a layer of seaming at the boundary of the cover cloth. The intersecting cloth texture prevents deformation of the cover cloth due to long-term pulling and stretching.


At the same time, the second layer of the seaming is diagonally stitched to the opening of the cover cloth, which is most likely to get pulled and became bifurcated. With these enhancements, the durability of the cover cloth is greatly improved.

Simple & Intuitive

Assembly of Full-Cover Cloth

《The Wooden Frame - Fast, intuitive installation to make things easy for you.》

It is our goal to make the storage convenient and assembly quick. The wooden frame of the Joey sofa is designed with only four parts, and the hardware parts can be assembled and disassembled repeatedly, capable of withstanding long-term shaking and vibration.

When assembling, insert the nails on the crossbar into the side frame, then secure with four screws. Assembly can be completed instantly.

《What size of furry kids would be suitable to the Joey Sofa?》

The Joey sofa is suitable for furry friends that is approximately 65cm / 25.6in in length and 50cm / 19in in height.

(Length: from nose to butt when standing / Height: from the top of the forehead to where its body reaches the floor when standing)

According to our experience, weight is usually not a problem as long as the furry pals can get in the Joey sofa. Normally, the cover cloth of the Joey sofa is recommended for carrying furry pals under 40kg / 88lbs.

《See how these lovely furry friends using the Joey sofa》

We provide our design creativity , but it's furry friends' daily life with Joey sofa  completes the idea.

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