Fluffy Ear Hanger

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Solid Wood :  Beech / Walnut / Cherry


Size & Weight

L: 15cm/6in   W: 3cm/1.2in  H: 7.5cm/3in


Fluffy Ear Hanger

The Fluffy Ear Hanger is carved out from the solid natural wood , which not only guarantees the hanger's texture and quality, but also accentuating its unique crafting technique.


All eleven sides of the hanger were carved out by a cutter blade with a specific angle. By meticulously carving along the frontal edge of the sculptural shape, we were able to create perfectly tailor-made, rounded pointy angles.


The shape of the product is reminiscent of something nostalgic and meaningful--the smoothly carved edges and the wooden texture touchable with your own hands--abundantly reminds one of the warmth and gentleness of his or her canine friend(s).


We provide three types of wooden materials for your selection: Beech, Cherry and Walnut. Two mounting methods to choose from: adhesive strips or hanger screws.


You may hang the leash, necessity kit, towels or any other daily supplies on this simple, endearing wooden hanger.

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