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Cover Cloth

for Joey Sofa(cloth only)

50.00 USD(shipping not included)


Ivory White / Dove Gray / Navy Blue




Sparkle of Creators

The idea comes from designer can be realized and feedback by the skilled professional instantly . This is the most important reason why to cooperate  with a local sewing studio.

With the countless discussion and sampling , the cloth cover was born with splendid sparkle between creators.   


Full-Cover Cloth

Like a tiny cave, the full-cover cloth provides a great sense of safety, so that our pet friends can hide at a place where they can enjoy undisturbed solitude.


The furry pals with a love for height may also climb up to the upper side of the full-cover cloth for a bird’s-eye view.

Semi-Cover Cloth

Like a star-gazing house, the half-cover cloth provides wide vision and good ventilation. This allows our pet friends to keep their focus on their masters all the time.