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Big Bowl

Do you have a small pet with a large appetite? Big Bowl features large bowl capacity with different height setting that can cater to the needs of small to large sized cats and dogs. No more worries about insufficient water or food.


Adopt non-toxic water-based paints on the surface to create a water-resistant coating.

For pets with Large Appetites

Bowl capacity: water 755 ml or dry food 2cups, diameter: 16 cm, depth: 6 cm (roughly the capacity of 3 feeding bowls for small to medium sized pets)


Larger capacity and wide-open bowl surface for your pets to enjoy sufficient quantities of food or water. The enlarged bowl surface provides short-nosed pets with ample eating space.


The ceramic bowl is suitable for the feeding of raw and fresh foods and… is microwavable!

Suitable for Pets of All Heights

3 default height settings of 15, 22, and 30 cm. Suitable for large to small sized pets.


Large capacity and low height setting allow dogs like the French Bulldog, who has a larger head, is shorter, and has a big appetite, to eat with difficulties.

Customizable Rack Height and Bowl Surface Tilting

The most suitable height and tilt bowl surface can effectively help reduce the pressure on your pet's neck during eating.


Please indicate your pet’s preferred rack height or required degree. We can customize the most suitable bowl rack for your pet at a reasonable rate.


  • Customizable height from 10 cm to 40 cm

  • The difference between the highest and the lowest points of the bowl is 3 cm for customized tilting.

Customizable Rack Height

Moderate weight, 4-leg support, and silicon floor protectors to provide the maximum degree of stability.

Sturdy wood rack with 4 wooden legs for support amounting to an appropriate weight that can’t easily be moved by the pets when eating but can be effortlessly picked up or moved.


The included silicon floor protectors provide greater friction on smooth surfaces.

Water-Resistant Non-Toxic Water-Based Paint

Multiple layers of water-resistant protective coating on the surface of Big Bowl with non-toxic water-based paint allowing furry friends to eat safely.


The water-resistant surface prevents moisture on bowl rack from water splashes.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Many steps are taken in the procedure to turn a piece of nature solid wood into the final product. For example, the sanding process alone requires the work of 3 types of machines.


We insist that the result of every process is confirmed by hand to ensure the best performance from materials to techniques.


Every package of Big Bowl includes two ceramic bowls and 4 floor protectors.


Find the suitable rack height for your fluffy friends

from USD $115

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